pure cacao block [300g]

cacao ceremony block nibbed cacao

x3 cacao block bundle

dark hazelnut chocolate bark nibbed bean to bar

dark chocolate bark | mapled nibs, sea salt & activated hazelnuts


pure cacao block [200g]

nibbed cacao nibs orange pumpkin seeds

cacao nibbles | orange, maple & cardamom


cacao tea | orange & cardamom

Nibbed cacao coconut tea organic

cacao tea | cacao & coconut


dark chocolate bark | peppermint chia crunch

nibbed dark chocolate orange spoons
nibbed cacao orange chocolate spoon

dark chocolate orange melting spoon {75%}

nibbed dark hot chocolate spoon

dark chocolate melting spoon {75%}

Nibbed chocolate bar gift bundle
Nibbed chocolate bar gift bundle orange peppermint

bean to bark bundle


bundle | melting spoons


cacao calm candle - pure soy

nibbed cacao gift card

Nibbed Gift Card

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