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This is not thin, sugary cocoa powder! Our hot cacao uses pure, minimally processed organic cacao (that we have made from bean to bar). Unlike cocoa powder (which often has added sugar and loses its richness during processing),

Nibbed Hot Cacao is packed with flavour and healthy fats. This keeps the natural creaminess you crave, so your drink won't be watery or bland.

Cacao is the purest form of chocolate, it's the OG superfood. It's been somewhat abused over the years to be made into super sweet, overly-processed chocolate. But in its purest form, cacao is highly nutritious and so good for us! We're bringing it back to its roots, and serving it up just like the Aztecs and Mayans used to enjoy it - as a hot cacao drink.

Based in Galway's BIA Innovator Campus, we're passionate organic, bean-to-bar cacao producers. We meticulously control every step of the process, from the raw cacao bean to the finished product, ensuring the highest quality and flavour in every bar.

We source organic cacao beans from social enterprises in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, where we pay a high farm-gate price to ensure everyone in the supply chain is paid fairly. 


We're Lisa & Anna (female founders and an aunt-niece duo). Read more about how we started here.

Our cacao beans have been tested and they have 0.22% caffeine, which is less than a decaf coffee.

The main stimulant in cacao is Theobromine. Read more about why we're calling 'cacao the new coffee' here.

Like a rich, dark hot chocolate.

For some it will taste quite bitter. This depends on where your tastebuds sit on the sweet-bitter spectrum.

If you're used to eating very sweet things, you add sweetener to tea/coffee and you don't tend to eat bitter foods then you will probably find cacao very bitter.

But if you're used to eating dark chocolate and not too much sweet stuff, you're more than likely going to find the cacao quite smooth and not too bitter at all.

If you do have a sweeter tooth, we'd recommend adding sweetener to your hot cacao or making it with all oat milk as that's naturally quite sweet.

But we do advise not to add too much sweetener. We, as a culture, need to stop sugarcoating everything (in our opinion :b)

Here's a blog post about why cacao is bitter.

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