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From Cacao Bean to Bar

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Bean to Bar with a Heart: Nibbed's Commitment to Ethical Cacao

The Food of The Gods

Have you ever wondered how the mighty cacao bean transforms from a treasured harvest into the potent and versatile pure cacao you love? At Nibbed, we're dedicated to unlocking the full potential of this "food of the gods" (Theobroma cacao) by crafting the purest, most exquisite cacao imaginable, sourced from thriving, sustainable farms.

Ethical Sourcing for a Sustainable Future

We source our cacao beans from organic, biodiverse farms. These farms implement practices that protect the environment and promote long-term sustainability. Each pod, roughly the size of a small rugby ball, holds a treasure trove of 30-40 cacao beans – the seeds that will eventually be transformed into pure cacao blocks (or grated). But did you know that the delicate pollination of these flowers depends entirely on midges? Their tiny size allows them to navigate the intricate blooms, ensuring the continuation of the cacao cycle.


Partnering with Purpose: Supporting Thriving Communities

Ethical sourcing and strong relationships are at the heart of our mission. That's why we source our cacao beans from social enterprises in the Dominican Republic (Öko Caribe) and Nicaragua (O'Tuma). By supporting certified organic farms and paying a premium price for their high-quality cacao, we contribute to a sustainable future for both the environment and the communities that sustain it.

Cacao pod woman Nicaragua

Nibbed: The Art of Pure Cacao

We differentiate ourselves by focusing exclusively on creating the finest pure cacao. We are bean-to-bar producers, taking complete control of the process, from meticulously selecting the beans to transforming them into the potent and versatile pure cacao you rely on.

A Look Inside the Nibbed Process

The journey begins with importing these precious cacao beans from thriving farms. Next comes the delicate art of roasting, coaxing out the rich flavours locked within the beans. After roasting, we separate the outer shells (husks) from the inner nibs.

Next, we stone grind. Here, the nibs are transformed into a luxurious, smooth liquid – pure, unadulterated, 100% cacao.

Cacao stone grinding bean to bar
The rich cacao is poured into moulds, where it takes shape and solidifies into our pure cacao blocks. These blocks are then wrapped for future use, or are grated into fine pieces for easy scooping for pure cacao pouches.
pure cacao nibbed
This versatile base is perfect for lots of healthy culinary creations, from rich hot cacao and decadent desserts to power-packed smoothies and healthy snacks.
While the core steps for creating pure cacao seem straightforward, each stage involves a multitude of techniques and meticulous attention to detail. This ensures the highest quality and consistency in every batch of Nibbed pure cacao.


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