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inez o meara
Local, delicious and affordable

Your cacao is super, so so good, love your no fuss packaging which reflects the message you are putting out about your brand, your price point is reflective of a product that I can encorperate as a routine (and wonderful) habit as opposed to cacao Iv tried in the past priced so highly it’s not an affordable thing to able to enjoy daily - likely cause it’s coming from so far away which is a double negative. I will definitely be purchasing again once this block is done ❤️

Carla Carey
My new favourite drink

I have been having one at night while watching TV. It has stopped me reaching for biscuits as it gives that chocolate hit. I look forward to it!

John Branagan
Lovely taste

Wonderful stuff , can virtually use it in anything ! Hot chocolate have replaced my morning coffee ! And that’s saying something

Lukasz Oleksiewicz

Great coffee alternative.

Linda NiChualladh
Magical! Just an otherworldly taste

Gorgeous packaging, beautiful bars of crumbly, rich, deep flavoured cacao and fast delivery? Yes, it's for real. I've shared some of the block with friends, some of whom are hard-core raw cacao-ists! They're equally enthusiastic. It's a shame to call it a product but it's a great product and you won't be disappointed at all. It's worth the money and I find I dont need too much too often because it's so "rich". The flavour is wonderful. Wishing you both well with your business.