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When should I drink it?

When should I drink it?

The timing of your hot cacao can unlock different benefits.

Whether you crave a morning pick-me-up or a nighttime wind-down, pure cacao strangely can improve both.


Studies show pure cacao drinks can improve mood, focus, and blood flow to the brain – perfect for starting your day sharp and energised. Cacao's main stimulant, theobromine provides a gentle and sustained energy boost compared to coffee's jittery highs. This also makes it the perfect pre-workout or afternoon drink. 


Research also suggests that pure cacao drinks before bed can enhance sleep quality and reduce insomnia, especially for older adults. Rich in magnesium, cacao also promotes relaxation and deeper sleep. So, why not try adding pure cacao latte's into your wind-down routine. 

Experiment and find what works for you!

There's no one-size-fits-all approach. Listen to your body and discover the timing that resonates most with your daily rhythm. One thing to note!! If you are sensitive to stimulants, drink your cacao as an energising morning bev.

Most importantly, make it a ritual.

No matter when you choose to enjoy cacao, transform it into a mindful self-care practice. The act of preparing and savouring your cacao becomes a quiet oasis amidst the daily rush.


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