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Cacao Nibs V Our Pure Cacao

Cacao Nibs V Our Pure Cacao

One of our most Frequently Asked Questions  is "is this cacao the same as cacao nibs?”

The answer... Nope!

We understand why you would think that's possible, after all, both cacao nibs and Nibbed 100% pure cacao comes from the same source, the cacao bean. However, both products processing is entirely different and creates completely different end products.


Texture:  crunchy, hard 

Cacao nibs are the inner part of the cacao bean. They are very hard, and cannot melt (they just stay the same), they’re similar in texture to nuts or seeds. 

Cacao nibs are great sprinkled on porridge or yoghurt, or mixed into granola because of their crunchy texture. But make no mistake about it - you cannot make a hot cacao drink with cacao nibs!

In our kitchen, we press the cacao nibs under a high pressure in order to release the natural fats (cacao butter) so that it then becomes a soft, meltable texture. 


Texture: rich, creamy, soft

Nibbed pure cacao  is the result of pressing cacao  cacao nibs , releasing cacao butter, which is a healthy FAT. (Don't be scared of the word FAT, pure cacao contains the good kind of fat (cacao butter) which helps to absorb nutrients present in cacao). The cacao butter allows the pure cacao to melt into a rich, creamy, dark “adult” hot cacao ☕️

Benefits of Cacao Butter

  • Essential for Absorption: Cacao butter can help your body absorb the nutrients present in cacao more efficiently. It acts like a carrier, allowing you to reap the full benefits of the vitamins and minerals in cacao.

  • Healthy Fat Source: Unlike unhealthy saturated fats, cacao butter is a good source of monounsaturated fats, particularly oleic acid. Oleic acid is the same heart-healthy fat found abundantly in olive oil. Studies have shown that oleic acid can:

    • Lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol: LDL cholesterol is the kind that builds up in your arteries, increasing the risk of heart disease. Oleic acid can help lower LDL levels while promoting HDL ("good") cholesterol, which can actually helps remove LDL from your arteries.

    • Reduce inflammation: Chronic inflammation can be linked to various health problems, including heart disease and even cancer. Oleic acid's anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce these risks.

    • Improve blood sugar control: Oleic acid may help regulate blood sugar levels, which can be beneficial for people with diabetes or prediabetes

    ps: we call it an adult hot choc because it's not sweet and milky, it's thick and rich ;)



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