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Can You Drink Cacao at Night? A Guide to Timing Your Daily Dose

Can You Drink Cacao at Night? A Guide to Timing Your Daily Dose

Cacao: Morning Magic or Evening Elixir? 

Hot Cacao offers a wealth of benefits beyond just a delicious drink. Packed with nutrients and unique compounds, cacao can elevate your mood, sharpen your focus, and even promote relaxation – but timing your cacao intake can impact how you experience these effects.

Understanding Cacao's Stimulant Effects:

Cacao boasts a natural stimulant called theobromine. Compared to caffeine, theobromine provides a gentler, more sustained energy boost without the jitters or the dreaded crash. However, for those with a heightened sensitivity to stimulants, even this milder effect can disrupt sleep patterns.

Nibbed woman drinking mug cacao

Finding Your Perfect Cacao Moment:

The ideal time to incorporate cacao into your day depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here's a breakdown to help you optimise your cacao experience:

  • Morning Magic: Craving a natural pick-me-up to kickstart your day? A morning cup of cacao can be your answer. The gentle boost from theobromine, coupled with a small amount of caffeine (around 0.22% in our cacao beans - less than a decaf coffee), can enhance focus, improve cognitive function, and elevate your mood – all without the harsh effects of conventional coffee.

  • Afternoon Energy Refresher: Feeling that mid-afternoon slump? A warm cup of cacao can provide a welcome energy surge without the afternoon jitters associated with coffee.

  • Evening Relaxation (for some): If you're not sensitive to stimulants, cacao can surprisingly become a nighttime ally. Rich in magnesium, cacao can promote relaxation and ease tension, potentially aiding restful sleep. However, it's crucial to listen to your body. If you experience any sleep disturbances after consuming evening cacao, it's best to shift your cacao indulgence to an earlier part of the day.

Experiment and Discover:

Ultimately, the best time to enjoy cacao is whenever it works best for you. Experiment with incorporating cacao into your routine at different times throughout the day and observe how it affects your energy levels and sleep quality. Pay attention to your body's unique response and find the cacao sweet spot that optimises your well-being.

Here's a recipe for a hot cacao drink.

hot cacao drink



Hi all,

Yes our stockists are listed on the stockists page – linked in the navigation bar:
It depends on the person but we’re pretty sure you could also drink tea/coffee in your day also, if you wish.

Is it essential not to consume tea/coffee at all during the day when consuming even just 18g cacao in the morning

Must one remain clear of tea and coffee on a cacao 18g morning dose

Anne ClarkinAnne Clarkin

Hi I was wondering if you sell this in any shops in Dublin City or north Dublin? I never see it around. Thanks.

Mary Manning

I’m a total convert to nibbed cacao drinks! I really look forward to my cuppa every morning! So satisfying +none of the headiness I often have from coffee.

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