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Our Move to The BIA Innovator Campus in Galway

Our Move to The BIA Innovator Campus in Galway

Bia innovator campus athenry

Change is the only constant, and for Nibbed, it's a leap from Kilcoole to The BIA Innovator Campus in Athenry, Galway. An exciting opportunity we couldn't miss.

The Move: From Kilcoole to Athenry, Galway

At the end of 2023, Nibbed embarked on a significant journey, bidding farewell to Kilcoole and embracing a new chapter at The BIA Innovator Campus in Athenry, Galway. Notably, we proudly became the first tenants at this innovative hub, marking a milestone in our pursuit of cacao production excellence.

Kilcoole: Three Years of Community Connection

Our roots in Kilcoole run deep, having started from very humble beginnings to thriving in the Wicklow community for almost three years. We were not just business owners; we were members of Wicklow Naturally, actively participating in local markets and events. The fond memories of Greystones, where we hosted beach swim and yoga events and connected with our customers, will always hold a special place in our hearts. We also have a number of local Wicklow stockists that we are truly grateful for, many of whom were our very first retail customers.

nibbed cacao beach event

The BIA Innovator Campus: An Opportunity Hub

The decision to relocate wasn't taken lightly. The Bia Innovator Campus presented an incredible opportunity to position Nibbed in a dynamic food hub. From facilitating product Research and Development (R&D) to opening doors for pitching, brand workshops, and networking opportunities, this move aligns perfectly with our vision for growth and innovation.

Bia Innovator Campus Athenry

BIA Innovator Open Day: A Proud Moment

Being part of the BIA Innovator Open Day was an honour. The ribbon-cutting ceremony by Leo Varadkar marked the official launch, and we were overjoyed to be acknowledged in his speech. It's moments like these that validate our commitment to cacao excellence and innovation.

Anna and Lisa hosted a cacao demo to a packed out audience, where they talked about our sourcing and the ethos being Nibbed, as well as making our delicious date snickers cacao bark and a hot cacao drink for everyone to taste.

Nibbed Cacao Cooking Demo

Expanding Production Capacity: Meeting Demands

The move hasn't just changed our address; it has revolutionised our production capabilities. The enhanced capacity allows us to meet the growing demand efficiently, a crucial development considering the bustling year we've had. Nibbed is ready to deliver more innovative products in a shorter timeframe.


Our journey from Kilcoole to Athenry signifies more than just a change in location; it symbolises growth, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. The Bia Innovator Campus provides an ideal setting for Nibbed to flourish, and we're eager to share our cacao delights from this new home.


FAQs on Nibbed's Move and Innovator Campus

1. Why did Nibbed decide to move to Athenry?

Moving to Athenry allowed Nibbed to position itself in The BIA Innovator Campus, a dynamic food hub offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation.

3. How has the move impacted Nibbed's production capacity?

The move has allowed Nibbed to increase its production capacity significantly, enabling the creation of more innovative products in a shorter timeframe to meet growing demands.

4. Will Nibbed continue to be involved in the local community?

While our physical location has changed, Nibbed remains committed to fostering connections and community engagement, albeit in a new setting.

5. How can I get more updates on Nibbed's journey and products?

For the latest updates and delicious offerings from Nibbed, follow our journey on our instagram, TikTok and website.

Check out The Irish Times explaining more article here



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